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Customs take 14 business days to make. Please keep that in mind when ordering.

The Process:

Once I get your order. I will need you to send over your idea or theme along with any reference photos (this can be done through email at or Instagram. (Please do not send photos of other artists clay earrings, I will not replicate their work.)

I will come up with a design outline and you can make any changes, once you approve the design it'll take 2 weeks to make the earrings.

(I can make any fan art or other ideas. The only thing I can't make right now are portraits of real people.)

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No product

No product

Please fill out the form here if you would like a different custom made item. Such as: Smaller or bigger earrings, studs, wall hangs, trinket dishes, necklaces, rings, incense holders.

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