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Custom, Unique Slow Made Clay Earrings

I started this little business of mine almost two years ago. It started as a hobby working with clay many year ago and grew into this creative outlet <3

I'm inspired by everything in my daily life, as well as movies, books, and the seasons (especially spooky season!) My main love right now is making custom fan art & spooky season earrings!

I hope you will follow along and fall in love with my designs.


A few fun facts about me:

  • I'm obsessed with dogs! I love anything and everything dogs! I'll frequently post about my two little love muffins over on my Instagram. I have a Sharpei/Bulldog/Pug mix, and a German Shepherd/Rotti mix!

  • My love for horror movies and true crime podcasts knows no end.

  • I loveee books, mainly Stephen King, but Mary E Pearsons Remnant Chronicles holds my heart.


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